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Hike in Sintra

Meditando na natureza


Go with the flow

We climb to Cruz Alta, the highest point in the mountain, looking for inspiration. We walk in the mountains, encountering nature and ourselves.

We slow down mindfully in the present moment to feel the energy of the forest. We observe thoughts, feelings and sensations, without attachment or aversion, with an expanded awareness of the impermanence of things.

We visit the emblematic monuments of the natural park and tell their stories. We love sharing these experiences with everyone. Come with us!

Cruz Alta, the highest point in the Serra de Sintra


I like hiking, it's easy and it's good for almost everything. I also like to meditate, it's not that easy but it's good for everything else. I love hanging out with hiking friends. I get up from the couch and go for a walk in the mountain forest, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. The energy of nature is invigorating. Just go!


I'm the copilot, I try to maintain group cohesion and relax. I like helping and teaching participants how to follow the path and enjoy the experience. I try to overcome vertigo at the highest points and follow the leader in all challenges.


Siddhartha Gautama, (563 BC) was a prince overprotected by his father. Only at the age of 29 did Buddha have his first contact with the reality of old age, illness and death. He became curious and decided to find the cause of the suffering. After 6 years of meditation and search for truth, Buddha achieved enlightenment and spent the rest of his life teaching his discoveries, that everything is an illusion.

Our guides

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